Welcome to Day 2 of our Scouting Family Camp!

Today has been a whirlwind of excitement, adventure, and laughter!

Our morning kicked off with a scrumptious full English breakfast, which was particularly special for some of our campers who experienced their very first night away from home in a cozy tent under the stars.

Throughout the day, we’ve engaged in a wide range of activities. From conquering the heights of our climbing wall to showcasing our agility with a friendly fencing match. We’ve also discovered the art of tea-making, where families brewed their own warm cups of goodness.

Our creative side flourished as we delved into pioneering projects, constructing amazing ballistas.

Not to mention the joy of gathering around crackling campfires, sharing stories, and of course, exchanging jokes that had everyone in stitches.

In between these exhilarating moments, families have had the opportunity to unwind and soak up the surroundings of Fox Coverts Scout Campsite.

We’re incredibly grateful to have you join us for this fantastic experience filled with laughter and memories!