Photographing and videoing children whilst on Scouting activities has raised some questions as to what is and what is not acceptable. This policy will hopefully clarify some points.

Promoting Scouting is important, and it is in the interests of all to advertise the movement through the use of appropriate and positive images. We therefore have to manage how we publicise these materials.

When a new member joins the Scout Group, their parents or guardian will be asked to sign an acknowledgement. This allows the use of photos and videos from activities within Scouting for Scouting purposes. These include the group, district or county websites, local newspapers, the newsletter, the noticeboard at the Scout Hut and the local press. Photos and videos may appear on our social media sites; Facebook and/or Twitter.

Social media is used as a means of promoting our brand and our activities. Leaders have undertaken specific training for handling these new tools. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts allow us to quickly share news and photos that we think are appropriate to a wider audience.

It is our policy to:

  • Never identify children appearing in our media by name*.
  • As far as reasonably possible, ensure children who do not have a signed permission form are excluded from promoted media.
  • Ensure parents are aware of this policy via an acknowledge form upon joining.
  • Only use photos/videos of suitably dressed subjects and in appropriate situations.
  • Follow the Scout Association’s “Young People First” policy.
  • Encourage the use of photos/videos in materials promoting Scouting (including the wider press) providing the above criteria have been met.

*please note the press will often use full names when they can, however we always encourage the use of generic terms such a “A Scout…”

It is not a legal requirement to obtain parental permission (as the copyright of the image belongs to the photographer and not the subject) however we ask parents to sign the form as a matter of good practice and manners.

All photos taken of our Scouts will be taken on our Scout Group camera and only stored on the group laptop or the Group’s OneDrive Folder.

The local press (and sometimes the national press) are often invited to Scouting events and may wish to photograph or film members doing Scouting activities. We are unable to control members of the public or the press taking photos when Scouts are appearing in a public place (such as parades). In these situations, they require no invitation or permission. Photographs taken by press photographers without invitation or permission when it is required, are subject to the normal Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice.

We are also unable to control photographs taken by other parents whilst at Scouting events.  We ask that all parents are sensible when sharing media (particularly via social networking) and follow the guidelines set out in this policy.

Please speak to a leader if you are unsure of any aspect of this.