We always have opportunities for adults to volunteer with us to help us continue to offer amazing experiences to our young people.

Why do you need more volunteers?

​We are a large group with about 100 young people taking part in Scouting every week. All sections need enthusiastic adults to allow the young people to enjoy their time with us. With our purpose-built headquarters and the recent wave of housing development in the local area, we need to expand and renew our leadership team.

​Perhaps you know someone else who could also help? Ask them, it’s often easier to join something new with a friend!

How can I help?

We have three basic ways in which you could join our team:

  • Section Volunteer
  • Occasional Helper or Special Skills Instructor
  • Background Support Volunteers

What does a Section Volunteer do?

Section volunteers are the uniformed leaders you see every week. Working on a weekly basis with either Beavers (aged 6 – 8), Cubs (aged 8 – 10.5), Scouts (aged 10.5 – 14) or Explorers (aged 14 – 18), they run games, activities, events and even camps, ensuring our members have a brilliant time whilst learning new skills and gaining valuable life experiences. There are no qualifications required to volunteer with a section; just enthusiasm and a desire to have a good time yourself. We have a comprehensive yet flexible training scheme that we can tailor around your needs so you can learn on the go. We have lots of experienced volunteers who can guide you through the process and you don’t need to have any previous Scouting experience.

Some of our section volunteers will prefer running games, others will be happier keeping badge records up to date, or buying resources ready for the next activity; whatever your preference, there is a role for you.

What do Occasional Helpers and Special Skills Instructors do?

For volunteers who cannot help out every week, or who have a specific set of skills they would like to share, an Occasional Helper or Special Skills Instructor is the role to go for. Some will sign up to a rota, to help the Section Volunteers once or twice a term with a section. Others have a skill they are willing to teach to our young people. So you might be a great climbing or kayaking instructor, or maybe your passion is cooking or craftwork? You could come and run an evening activity or weekend day session, teaching our members your skills. Perhaps you have a skill or interest that is completely new to us? Passionate about local history? Big into computer gaming? Do you do a martial art? Perhaps you work for a interesting company? Anything that our could be entertaining or educational for our members is what we are looking for.

These are non-uniformed roles.

What do our Background Support Volunteers do?

They keep the group running from an administrative point of view. Roles include group chairperson, treasurer, secretary, catering, fundraising, HQ maintenance, storeroom management etc. So if bank accounts, insurance, adult training or record keeping is your thing, or maybe you would like to help cook 100 burgers for a party, or you can come and cut the grass once a month, you can still be part of the team!

These are non-uniformed roles.

What do I get out of Scouting?

Pretty much everything our young people do! You will learn new skills, make new friends, gain new qualifications, do things you never thought you would ever do, travel to places to never dreamed of going to; the possibilities are endless!

Okay, you’ve convinced me. How do I sign up?

Many thanks! We’ll do our best to help you join our team and get as much out of Scouting as our young people do. Please contact us or speak to any leader you see at the Scout Hut. Most roles that are in direct contact with under 18’s will be subject to a DBS check. Once this is complete we can allocate a role and start Scouting!